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A Fine Musician Icon A Fine Musician is an original story created specifically for publication on the iPad. It’s been written with rhyming onomatopaeic words for children to learn and enjoy and illustrated by hand on finely textured papers. Delightful animations are enhanced by musical accompaniment and the pages are filled with secret doors, windows and sound effects to discover.

Follow along with the musician as he plays throughout the town, adding ever more instruments to his one man band. Little does he know that his rythmical march is creating a grand muddle of townsfolk behind him. That is until they reach the crescendo of the tale. What will happen?

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Highest Recommendation from Digital Storytime!

Digital Storytime, who specialise in reviewing childrens picture-book apps has given us their highest resommendation for A Fine Musician. Go check it out along with the other 75+ reviews for more app ideas to download.

Customer Reviews

NickM -- ★★★★★

by Squareslice -- Version 1.1 -- 08 January 2011

A children’s electronic book that has the individual creativity and magic of some the old books many of us grew-up with which is all too often lost in digital media. Beautifully hand-illustrated with a sense of the classical fairy tales that captured the imagination of my 2 year old. A lesson that new media need not lose charm or originality.

5 Stars ***** -- ★★★★★

by ruste -- Version 1.1 -- 03 January 2011

I came across this gem and it is a truly original piece of work with a lovely storyline.The illustrations captured my daughter’s imagination and she loves to find the cats hiding in the windows and hear them meow.I look forward to more from this publisher.

A Marvellous Kid Occupier -- ★★★★★

by Andrew Daffy -- Version 1.0 -- 23  December 2010

My nephews loved this iPad book! So much they want their Dad to buy an iPad now… ha ha ha sorry bro. It’s a lovely night time story to read, with the obvious added backlit advantage, no lamps necessary! Nice Gruffalo-esqe repetitive rhythm in the words. And if you’re feeling lazy there’s a supplement voice to read it aloud for you. Lots of intuitive things to click. Not overly complicated, really nice ‘kid friendly’ drawings and animations.

Not bad for just over a quid. More please!

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