So you’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to since releasing the Diode v2 update with Game Center integration…*cough*.. well anyways I’m going to give you a sneak peak. The next game is basically Diode, but for kids. I found that all the neighbourhood kids..who are my testing facility..loved Diode, but found it too hard. So I’ve created a version for them called Escape From Tokeru.

Lord Nobu has stolen the Light Emitters, Kiki, Suri and Toro and hidden them deep in Mount Tokeru. Your mission is to help them escape by locking and unlocking gates through the 4 stages, to give them a safe path to freedom. But beware the dragons, they wake with light, so keep it away from them. Until the Light Emitters are free the world will remain in darkness. Do you accept the challenge?..please say yes.

Stage 1 : The Peaks of Toori


Stage 2 : The Bridges of Gappu


Stage 3 : The Tunnels of Yami


Stage 4 : The Trees of Ki


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