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It's not you, it's me.

Try putting .html after the page name, it might work.

Or use the search in the top bar (ctrl-k or cmd-k), its really good!

Boring explainer

I moved from Mediawiki to Vitepress. It's WAY faster than the old site, I ported and fixed as much as I could, but one last thing was auto-redirecting old links.

The old site allowed for links like

while the new site requires the .html suffix, ie

I thought I could solve that with some .htaccess rewrite/redirect magic, but no. I suspect vitepress assumes its running on a more modern server like vue/netlify/other hotness, apache doesn't want to play ball.

So if you wanna try inserting .html into the link it might work, otherwise try using the nav at the top to find what you need.

In the interim I'll go buy 'Apache for dummies'...