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PyMel ‚Äč

This is a copy of a some notes I wrote for my lighting team at Animal Logic, others might find it useful.

The aim was to empower my team to automate a lot of the drudge chores of lighting, the inevitable 'update all the X with value Y if Z' style problems. It's definitely not a guide to becoming a python guru, and shouldn't be treated as such!

There's some AL specific references, but they shouldn't impact the content. I might re-write these notes into a more generic format if there's enough howls of anguish.

Just so you're forewarned, 'phx' is the lighting and shading system at AL, so when I refer to a phxarealight, its the same as saying a vraylight or arnoldlight.

Rss is the lighting submission system at AL, which is based on python text files. This means if you want to call python from inside python, some extra fiddly bits are required. Still useful in general to know how to treat text that will be used to call commands and vice versa.

  1. PymelTutorial01 - list comprehensions
  2. PymelTutorial02 - relatives of objects, history of objects
  3. PymelTutorial03 - selecting by attribute name, filtering by type
  4. PymelTutorial04 - pymel and rss and strings
  5. PymelTutorial05 - how to add 0.5 exposure to every light
  6. PymelTutorial06 - prompts with pymel
  7. PymelTutorial07 - learning with dir, help, webpages